A Collection of Trauma-Informed Writings and Articles By Andrea Blanch, PhD (2002 – 2013)

Beyond the Conflict: Women Spiritual Peacemakers in the Holy Land

Engaging Women in Trauma-Informed Peer Support: A Guidebook
by Andrea Blanch, Beth Filson, and Darby Penney with contributions from Cathy Cave

From Trauma to Trauma Informed Care : POWERPOINT

Implementing the New “Germ” Theory for the Public’s Health: A Call to Action
Andrea K. Blanch, Ph.D and David L. Shern, Ph.D.

Peace4Tarpon Knows It Takes A Village: By Andrea Blanch PhD,For National Council Magazine,2011, Issue2

A Matter of Faith: By Andrea Blanch PhD. For National Council Magazine, 2011, Issue 2

Integrating Religion and Spirituality in Mental Health: The Promise and the Challenge
Andrea Blanch, PhD

The Integration of Trauma-Informed Care in the Family Partner Program: Prepared by: The Western Massachusetts Training Consortium

The Political as Personal: The Human Side of Suicide Among
Young Palestinians: Reviewed by Andrea Blanch

Religious and Spiritual Dimensions of Traumatic Violence
Roger D. Fallot and Andrea K. Blanch

Changing Communities, Changing Lives

The Science of Trauma: A Briefing Paper
By Andrea Blanch Ph.D. and Ann Jennings, Ph.D.

Special Collection: Trauma-Informed Domestic Violence Services

Toward Healing Trauma in the Holy Land :Broken Promises, Broken Dreams: Stories of
Jewish and Palestinian Trauma and Resilience by Alice Rothchild
Reviewed by Andrea Blanch

Transcending Violence: Emerging Models for Trauma Healing in Refugee Communities: An Annotated Bibliography

Transcendibf Violence: Emerging Models for Trauma Healing in Refugee Communities

Trauma and healthy Communities: POWERPOINT

Developing Trauma-Informed Behavioral Health Systems 2003

Report of the Federal Partners Committee on Women and Trauma : A Federal Intergovernmental Partnership on Mental Health Transformation: A Working Document JUNE, 2011